Next Steps!

We are so grateful to you as the parent of a prospective craft professional (aka skilled tradesperson) for reaching out to Build Your Future Arizona. My name is Josh Umar, and I am the Project Manager here. I will be happy to help you and the young people in your life find opportunities for education, on the job training, or immediate employment.

The way to start is to work with your child to determine what they are interested in. If they don’t already know what path is right for them, we have some good resources for you. First, look at our interactive career path here:

Then, explore profiles for specific trades. They can help you sort out what craft is the best fit:

We also have some great videos here that may be helpful:

Once you know what direction they want to go in, contact me by email or the phone number below. I will do all I can to connect them to whatever opportunities are the best fit. And of course, if you have any questions about construction careers or how to decide the right way forward, don’t hesitate to reach out. I am here to serve your needs.

Again, thank you for trusting us to help young people build their future!

Project Manager

201 N Central Ave., Ste. 2700, Phoenix, AZ 85004